Klon Centaur KC Boost/Overdrive

Boutique custom made clone of the famous Klon Centaur overdrive pedal!!!

Made to exact circuitry specifications but with the option to choose Buffered (original) or True Bypass (boutique) switching.

Uses top quality Panasonic capacitors, hand made right here in the UK.

Quality has been our top priority when building this pedal. All the top components used throughout, fully manufactured in the UK with the highest quality control.

The LED is Red colour to match the knobs and lights up when the pedal is on.

Metal enclosure, specially finished and very robust.

Writing engraved so little chance of it coming off. Pedal will stay looking new for years to come!

Uses a standard Boss type power supply. We recommend RAAD power supplies for the best quality signal and reliability.

12 months repair warranty. (less postage costs)