RAAD regulated 9VDC power supply (replacement for boss psa-240 psa-230)

Limited edition RAAD power supply, DESIGNED IN ENGLAND by Boo Instruments!!!

Regulated Class 2 transformer type (linear), ultra super quiet 9V DC supply for guitar effect pedals.

Negative Tip or Center negative configuration which is standard for 99.9% of all guitar pedals which use a boss type power supples.

This supply will work on virtually any pedal that needs a 9V DC power. If in doubt please ask.

If you ever experienced hum (from poorly designed units) or SQUEAL (from SMPS aka switch mode supplies), then you need to try out our purposely designed unit and get a quality solid sound you deserve.

We know guitar pedals and know what power they need. We have tested virtually all available power supplies in the price range with disappointing results to find that the only solution was to design our own!

Available in 100mA, 200mA, 300mA and 500mA ratings.

Overload protected as an additional safety feature.

Comes with full 12 month warranty and the best customer service!

Plug is a standard 5mm with 2.1mm center.

There is only a very limited run of these available at the moment so grab the opportunity to own one!

warranty note:Covers manufacturing defects and operation under normal use. Returned item must not have visible signs of breakage from the user (such as damaged cable, or broken casing)